Why is buying a cactus with flowers a good idea?

Decora con cactus con flor

Why is buying a cactus with flowers a good idea?

When we think of cacti, a plant without flowers or fruits automatically comes to mind, but that is not always the case. In fact, there are cacti with flowers of many colours: from red, pink, orange to white flowers.

You can also buy cacti with rare flowers that you would never imagine existed. The advantage of flowering cacti over other types of cacti is that they are much more attractive and can brighten up any room.

Just look at any window sill or any balcony and you will realize why cacti and succulents are all the rage. If several plants are combined, whether they are cacti with flowers or cacti without flowers, they can create a stunning picture.

You can find cacti of different sizes, shapes and shades; And they all have a great advantage: they hardly need to be watered thanks to their capacity to store water.

Also, they adapt easily to high temperatures and, some, to the intense sun without withering. What’s more, many of them even need direct sunlight for them to flourish.

Some possible health benefits of cacti

Cacti can be very helpful in treating and preventing many ailments if used correctly. Here, we present what these fantastic plants can be used for, in addition to decorating.

They can help prevent diabetes

Not all species are effective against this ailment. The species that can help us fight diabetes is called Opuntia dillenii, better known colloquially as nopal.

In fact, this plant is included in many medications and supplements to combat this disease.

They can regulate high cholesterol levels

Cacti can also be used to treat high cholesterol levels. It has been shown that patients who regularly consume nopal have experienced a decrease in bad cholesterol (LDL) and an increase in good cholesterol (HDL).

They have analgesic properties

Cactus flowers possess analgesic properties, which is why they have been used for centuries to treat skin damage and injury as well as other internal problems.

They are used to treat wounds

If you have a skin wound, the extract of cactus flowers can come in handy to treat it and help it heal sooner, since they have anti-inflammatory properties. As with the famous aloe vera, which, also possesses this quality, it also promotes circulation and inhibits the growth of bacteria. For some types of minor burns, “Aloe vera” is sometimes used for its different properties.

They can treat urinary infections

The pulp and juice of cacti are useful for treating the pain and discomfort of urinary tract infections and other issues.

At La Tienda del Cactus we have a wide variety of cacti of all kinds: from cacti without flowers, to cacti with flowers and even cacti with rare flowers. If you have any questions, contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

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