Discover some of the most curious and fascinating rare cacti species

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Discover some of the most curious and fascinating rare cacti species

Cacti are exotic plants, and if you consider that there are also very rare cactus species, you can find the perfect mix of unique and incredibly original plants. Rare cacti are the most special cacti that exist on the planet and they are ideal to decorate any room to make an impact on any visitors to your home.

The 6 rare cacti that you cannot miss out on in your collection

In this article, we will show you the most popular rare cacti among fans, so that you don’t miss out on any of them in your collection. Let’s begin!

1. Mammillaria Bocasana Monstruosa

Have you ever seen a cactus with more ‘hairs’ than this one? This small, furry cactus could not be missing from our list and its softness may pleasantly surprise you. It has a hard, reddish main stem and long, hairy white spines. It does not usually bloom, but when it does, the flowers are striking; Without a doubt, it is the perfect rare indoor cactus for your collection.

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    Cactus Mammillaria Bocassana cv. Fred Monstruosa

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    Compra ya tu Mammillaria Bocassana cv. Fred Monstruosa en maceta de 5,5cm

    4,00 VAT included

2. Sulcorebutia Rauschii

This rare cactus is another of our favourites, and also a favourite of many avid collectors. If you are looking for a cactus with an original, distinctive colour, look no further. The most striking aspect of this cactus is the contrast of purple and green and its fuchsia flowers. It has different ‘heads’ and small spines that are almost imperceptible to the eye.

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    Cactus Sulcorebutia Rauschii

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    Uno de nuestros famosos “cactus raros”. Si apuestas por la originalidad, no dudes en añadir esta planta a tu carrito. ¡Te encantará!

    Destaca por su contraste de colores morados y…

    6,50 VAT included

3. Cereus Peruvianus Monstrousa

Now you know why it is named “monstrous”! Its name is borne from its strange appearance with short, reddish spines and the areoles filled with white wool, while its stems are greyish-green or bluish-green in colour and fan-shaped. As for the flowers, usually there are none, which makes it’s appearance look even more terrifying.

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    Cactus Lobivia Famatimensis

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    Compra ya tu Lobivia Famatimensis en maceta de 5.5cm.

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4. Mammillaria Elongata Crestata

This cactus cannot be missed by any collector worth their salt who wants to steal the show! Also known by the name of the brainiac cactus due to the peculiar shape of its cylindrical stems, this cactus does not commonly bloom, but when it does happen, its small white, yellow or pink flowers blossom in an original bell shape.

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    Cactus Mammillaria Hahniana Crestata

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    Compra ya tu Mammillaria Elegans Crestata en maceta cerámica de 8cm

    12,00 VAT included

5. Opuntia Subulata Cristata

Also known as Austrocylindropuntia Subulata Cristata, this cactus looks like a species from another planet because of its strange shape. Like all the so-called Cristata, it has a crest shape, usually caused by an injury to the plant at an early age.

6. Echinopsis Eyriesii Cristata

This cactus blooms spectacularly in summer, blooming with long flowers that completely obscure the plant. It is a fantastic indoor plant, but as you already know, most cacti have the advantage of being both suited to indoor or outdoor environments as long as special precautions are taken in the hours of the greatest sun exposure.

Have our weird and unusual cacti convinced you? What is your favourite rare cactus? If you prefer another type of cactus, we have all kinds of cacti and succulents so that you can find the perfect plant for you.

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