The importance of having well-labelled cacti

The importance of having well-labelled cacti

On many occasions, when we buy our cacti and succulents, we choose them for their shape, colour, or simply because we don’t have them yet, and we want to add them to our collection.

But… Why should we know what species it is?

Knowing if it is a species, a subspecies or a hybrid is a good starting point to get to know the plants in our collection. We can discover their origin, exposure, and compare our plants with other similar ones, as well as offer them better care: know when it is the best time to give them as gifts, what substrate to use and when they bloom… also, we can learn about the most common diseases and pests that can affect our collection.

Great collectors have a “logbook” where they document the entire history of their plants: who they bought the plants or seeds from, whether they came from their own seedbed, the substrate they used, the time of flowering, which plants have pollinated it, the time to collect the seeds, etc.

Having a perfectly labelled and identified collection will also allow you to “level up” and become an advanced collector of cacti and succulents, and enable you to offer a more expert perspective on forums and social networks.

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