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Cactus de colección


Are you a collector? In this category, you will find that little plant that you have been searching for all this time. Complete your cacti or succulent collection now!


The most original gift for your event

We receive many orders for events on certain dates, so the La Tienda del Cactus team recommends that you reserve your cacti and succulents 3 months in advance of your event.

You have already seen our collectable cacti and succulents. In addition to cacti, we also have rare succulents at La Tienda del Cactus, and we assure you that they will surprise you with their extravagant shapes, colours and textures.

There are many varieties of succulents to collect, as well as cacti. Unlike other types of plants, rare succulents are somewhat more difficult to find, even to care for.

We have a living collection of plants (cacti and succulents) from all over the world. Every day we add different plants, acquiring new varieties of colours, shapes and textures.

Some of the most notable plants are: Mammillaria cactus, Cleistocactus cactus, Lithops succulents, Haworthia succulents, Avonia succulents, Thichocerues cactus, Gymnocaycium cactus or the Melo cactus.

If you prefer to buy any other type of succulent, take a look at our collection and discover everything we have to offer at our store.

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